Grand National Aerocoupe PROJECT - Page 3


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I measured and cut the Monte Carlo's rear section out so the panel will be butted against the existing body and then, I welded it in place.

The Monte's trunk sealing lip was a little wider than the GN's so I had to reconstruct a new sealing lip (more on this later).

I used a MIG welder to "spot weld" the panel together. All I have to do is pull the trigger on the MIG for about 1/4 of a second....just enough to burn new metal over the seam. If you hold the welder on too long it will just blow through the metal and cause a huge hole.

Here it is after grinding it down.

Here is the new seal lip. I just flattened out the original one and rebent a new one. That made the lip taller near the end. All I done was just sawed it off and finished welding it together.

Here it is with the taillight installed to check the fit.

Here is is with some temporary paint on it.