Grand National Aerocoupe PROJECT - Page 4


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Here's how I cut the two trunk lids. Plans are to slide the aerocoupe frame up under the GN's frame. You can see how I left part of the inner frame of the GN trunk at the rear. This will make it appear to be stamped for a Buick instead of the Monte.

Here the two are"slid" together like I thought they'd do.

However, the first thing I done was to make sure I centered all of the adjustments. This included both hinges that mount on the package tray, the hinges that mount on the trunk frame and the trunk latch to the trunk frame. Doing it this way insured me that I could make adjustments after fitting the GN's trunk skin on tip of it. I also checked to see if there was enough clearance for the trunk seal to fit properly.

Once the inner frame was centered I slid the two pieces together. I kept cutting the inner frame of the GN's trunk lid little by little until I got the perfect fit I wanted to the body lines and then tack welded them together.

It's opening and closing!

These pictures is when reality started to sink in. I just had to compare my photochop pic from 2008 to the real thing in 2010!!! WOW!

Photo shopped image from 2008....


Almost there...

The front of the trunk lid near the window is not tacked down but in 4 places. Once I get the front lip of the skin folded over I think it will lay exactly like the Monte's really has no choice since the Monte's frame has not been modified in that area. I've still got to fabricate the two side triangle fillers. I guess I'll be doing that this up coming week or weekend.