Grand National Aerocoupe PROJECT - Page 5


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Also, I'm going to add additional metal where the GN's skin and the Monte's frame doesn't quite match. I already knew I was gonna have to do that before I even started the project.


Rolling the lip... Here you can see the edge of the front trunk. I rolled the sheet metal over on the inner aerocoupe trunk frame and hammered it down. It looked really ragged at first but the end result came out fine. The camera flash made things look worse. I do have to compensate for some slight warping near the front outer edges. I don't think that will be a problem though.

I got the front lip of the skin rolled over on the underside of the Aero inner trunk frame. BUT, I didn't finish the corners. So, here is how I folded over the left and right front corners of the trunk lid to make it appear factory.

Here is the other side already folded over. After this part is through I'll be adding additional metal to close the gaps between the Monte inner frame and the GN's inner frame. Then, I'll be adding metal to close the large ones on each side for the final part of the assembly....woo-hoo!

On vehicle again for yet another test fit. Got my trunk shocks installed and it's opening and closing like a factory Monte Carlo SS Aero trunk lid should do!

Well, this picture below is NOT the finished product and all it needs are filler panels o the sides of the glass. Other than REALLY DOES look to be finished!

On the next page, I've started my plan of attack on making some filler panels.