This is my 1988 Buick LeSabre T-Type. It's not really a LeSabre GN but I've got it themed after one. I added a 1980 Turbo Regal hood buldge to spice up the exterior. Something I think GM should have done when they designed this option.



Engine specs: 
Modified Supercharger Housing
Modified Lower Intake Manifold
Ported Heads
Camshaft - 206/216 at .050" - Intake Lift .512" lift - Exhaust Lift .507" - 115 LSA
Aftermarket Pistons
Polished Factory Rods
Upgraded Valve Springs and Retainers
Ported Exhaust Manifolds

Listen to the exhaust! Loud pipes with a Flowmaster muffler.

These are seats I found at a junk yard. They are from a Buick Park Avenue T-Type. I also added a 100mph speedo cluster taken from the same junkyard car.



LeSabre T-Type LeSabre T-Type LeSabre T-Type Le Sabre T-Type Le Sabre T-Type